Greg T Meyers
Founder, Reiki Master, Transeo Master, energy healer, light worker, herbalist

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.

If this were not so, we would bleed out from an insignificant cut. Our body's many billion cells all die and get replaced at regular intervals; resulting in a new body several dozen times throughout our lifespan. So why does disease even exist? Why aren't illnesses overcome when the diseased cells get replaced? Or to say it another way, why do our bodies rebuild themselves in diseased ways?

The answer to this question has everything to do with the governing vessel, that part of ourselves that interprets the world around us and then responds as best it can; taking into consideration past experiences, past thoughts and what we have accepted as the truth about ourselves and the world around us. The governing vessel creates our spiritual and physical disposition, which then determines how we respond to our life's experiences. When we provide our bodies with pureness, light and truth, we set ourselves free from spiritual, mental and physical dis-ease.

When our bodies are presented with pure life force, pure light, pure truth, it eagerly knows both what it is and how to use it. This is how all spiritual and natural healing works, even the homeopathic art of herbs and whole foods. When the body is presented with pureness, it quickly metabolizes it like the dessert sand drinks in living water.

Wellness and healing at Pine Mountain embodies many different energy disciplines including some that I pioneered myself while treating a wide variety of dis-eases as I have learned how to manipulate the energy light-force of the universe. Being a Reiki Master, Reiki is at the heart of most of my treatment services in addition to kinesiology, herbal apothecary, light and energy work. Since time, space and distance are illusions, I am able to treat anyone, anywhere in the world even more effectively than in-person.

Healing at Pine Mountain

Access to alternative healing is a barrier for many around the world, especially if you are looking into natural remedies for the first time. The Reiki healing method is truly boundless since it manipulates, guides and directs energy through the body. Just as quantum theory has proved, time and space are meaningless illusions of our physical world. Below is an overview or introduction of what I can treat at any distance. Your path to healing will be as unique as you are and the supreme Life Force (or Reiki) will guide you toward total health—if you just trust the process and let it.

How Distance Treatments Work

If you've ever felt like someone was watching you, you have experienced in a small way how distance healing works. Love is another and perhaps better example. The energy between living things is very real and very powerful. Using Reiki and other similar disciplines/techniques, I channel healing energy to you and where you need it, while in a deep Transeo meditative state. Because the limits of physical space are removed, distance healing is by far more effective than if we were together in the same room.

Free Treatments

A traditional, in-person Reiki session is typically between $50 and $100 (USD). However, the thought of anyone suffering because of an inability to pay is very unsettling. I therefore offer my healing for free. After your treatment, if you have benefited from it in any way, I simply ask that you please make a donation in the amount you can prudently afford. Your generous donation will allow me to continue this service.

Requesting A Treatment

While my services are offered free of charge, I do have a few minimal requirements that will make our time together as effective as possible. It is imparative that you complete the treatment form, which will provide me with the information needed for a successful session. I dedicate upwards of 30-45 minutes to every treatment depending on the energy I feel from you and the amount of healing you require. To begin, click here.

Treatment Form

This is a completely confidential document that only I see. This form is completely encrypted and is as safe as an online credit card transaction. Completing this form will not only help me connect with you, but also help me discern your very individual and special energy. The energetic connection made between you and me is the most vital aspect of performing distance healing so please make sure your photo is relatively current.


Our time together will be most effective and healing when you prepare adequately. If you are able to do so, refrain from eating for at least 4-5 hours before your session. Also try to refrain from eating processed foods 24 hours before. Processed foods require a lot of energy to digest and we need your body's energy focused on your treatment. Schedule your session for a time when you can be alone and completely undisturbed for at least 40 minutes.

During Your Session

If possible, select a place for your session where you can lie down in a peaceful environment. You may fall asleep during your session which is completely fine. However, please do not schedule your session for a time when you know you will be sleeping. If you prefer, you can listen to music during your session so long as it is instramental, ambient music. If you search for Reiki music on YouTube, there are many great tracks to choose from.

After Your Session

Drink several glasses of water in the hours following your session as this will help your body process and clear unwanted energy. You will receive an invitation to complete a short survey 24 hours after your treatment. The survey consists of several questions that pertain to your symptoms. You will also receive a similar invitation on day 4 and 12 after your treatment. These short surveys will help me determine the success of the treatment and your future needs.

  • "After a marid of doctors and tharapists failed to help me or even acknowledge anything was wrong, Greg's gift of healing not only cured me, but he has changed my life!"

    C.R. Utah
  • "...seriously, it felt like I was immersed in a pool of warmth and peace; I didn't want it to end! If I didn't know better, I would have thought I was on something (I wasn't). :)"

    R.H. USA
  • "My business certainly isn't going in the direction I had planned but in hindsight I can see now that that direction was flawed. The future is full and exciting. All I do is follow the flow and trust the process."

    D.M. California
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